Technology Partners collaborates with key partners in our journey to meet every client's needs.  If you would like to partner with us, please fill out this form and one of our team members will get back to you. Here is the list of our current technology partners.

Strategic Partners

Are you looking for a partner to enhance your own solutions or service offering? offers a full array of services that you can resell or refer to your clients. We’ll help you:

  • Expand your market by offering a full suite of services: your company can use our services to fill in any gaps in what you can already provide
  • Get access to our expert consultants for client meetings, proposal drafting and technology support
  • Provide seamless service for your client
  • Keep control over the client’s end-product
  • Enjoy flexible options for structuring the engagement (with incentives!)

Based on the client need and your relationship with them, you can choose from one of our three Engagement Models:


Refer a client to us for services that you do not offer or have the capacity to fulfill. We will scope the work and meet with you and the client to discuss if we are the right fit for their project. 

Reseller acts as a subcontractor providing services and solutions to your client. With this option, you can opt to co-brand our services and package with your own or label our services as part of your company’s offering. 

Contractor Relationship consultants will act as contractors to provide services to your client. For this type of engagement, will bill your company (the referring entity) so a management fee can be added to the end client’s invoice.

For additional information, please view or download the Partner Program guide. Email us at or complete this formand we will get back with you.

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