Unif.io Advisory & Service Solutions

Unif.io provides high-value, customizable consulting services to bridge the gaps often found within companies. We offer DevOps enablement through our team of expert developers, architects and engineers. We will provide you with solutions that:

  • Pay-off on your current technology investments
  • Offer ongoing involvement and strategic guidance
  • Provide joint access to the pipeline to guarantee that you maintain control and can make enhancements at any time
  • Allow for mutual collaboration with a partner who knows your business and is part of your team
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This solution offers full architecture support at the infrastructure level. With this service, we include an initial evaluation and assessment of the current internal environment. This helps identify a path to get you where you need to be. The architect will then develop and build a framework for enablement and sustainability. We provide ongoing strategic and advisory support and guidance throughout the engagement.

Coverage from the Experts

Our on-demand, support service offering gives you more than just a support team who answers the call/ticket at any hour. Our team of experts will know your business, technologies and framework and will monitor and handle incidents quickly and efficiently. You will know the person handling the call, and they will have the context to provide a quality response. We can identify and solve an issue before it becomes a problem.

Filling in the Gaps

Our supplemental services team member(s) will act as part of your organization’s engineering community to fill in any areas where there are gaps in expertise or resources. If your department is strapped for technical resources, we can augment your team to assist or run with day-to-day operations, implementation or strategic planning.


We are on your project from start to finish. With our Design-to-Deployment option, we can handle the entire project and take the strain off your IT Operations department. We can also serve as your IT department if you don’t have one in place. We will work with you from the initial planning and design phase through to the project build and deployment. We can provide ongoing maintenance and support or train your internal engineers.

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Read our Case Study on Continuous Delivery and Immutable Infrastructure at Whistle Labs to see how we helped one client build a new strategy for maintaining their development agility and the reliability of their services.

Whistle Case Study

Whistle Case Study