Over time, the how will change, but the why is what matters.

Our Mission

To customize and personalize our service offerings to meet the unique needs of each individual client. To deliver improved quality, reliability and repeatability through our automated solutions.

Our Brand Promise

Unif.io is dedicated to acting as a true partner and providing a high-value experience to our customers. We will deliver a quality end product that meets business needs and provides immediate value. By pulling from our vast library of assets you aren't pigeon-holed into fitting your environment and process into someone else's product and vision.

Our Company

Unif.io was founded in 2015 by Wilson Carey and Michael Marrewa to expand their consulting practice to fill an industry need for DevOps enablement. After years of working for and with medium-size to large companies, they decided to bring together a team of experts to provide high-value services to customers. 

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